Rachel & Phil Hofman

“The staff and administration of Bridges to Home are considerate and kind to each client that lives in their homes.  The homes are well maintained, inside and out.  They take great pride and effort into making the interior a soothing and calm environment, be it a scented candle or incense or the smell of a delicious homemade meal, its makes for a comfortable and stress-free space for our son.” ~ Rachel Hofman

“Before Bridges to Home, I wondered and worried each night ‘what will happen to Jack when I’m gone? Who will care for him and keep him safe?’   I don’t carry that weight on my heart or my mind any longer.  Words can not describe the relief I feel knowing how much he is loved and accepted by the staff, that he is safe and cared for in as kind and compassionate a way as if he were living with family.” ~ Phil Hofman


“Bridges to home” is the first organization that I have found that takes an inclusive and holistic approach to satisfying the emotional and physical requirements of special needs individuals and their families. The Bridges to Homes Organization successfully provides a safe and secure path for these unique families to be included into a community that has not been accessible to them in the past. I whole-heartedly participate and support Bridges to Homes in their efforts.” ~ Mitchell Brown, Parent of Twenty Three Year old Austistic Twins