About Us

Bridges To Home is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focusing on housing autistic adults and providing life skills training while supporting the families of those autistic. All the while, we want to educate and promote autism acceptance.

As the CEO and Founder, Andrew Lee has spent over twenty years with his wife, Amyre Lee, establishing the organization that manages 24/7 residential care of eight (8) young adults with severe Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

Bridges To Homes care programs meet each special needs resident’s requirements for a structured and active lifestyle. The programs center around a holistic, organic-based diet, vocational and self-help skills, and daily community activities while offering interventions. By enabling individuals to live safely in the least restrictive residential setting, to support each person to reach their full potential, the residents live a better life.

Bridges To Home focuses on creating and maintaining a beautiful, loving, comfortable, safe, functional atmosphere that provides love and support through natural behavior modification that results in social integration and quality of life. 

Starting with the kind gesture of love by helping a family member with severe autism, the seed has grown into a tree that includes two homes housing eight residents affected by extreme autism. Creating a safe environment and rehabilitative programs that, with the help of trained staff, sponsors, donations, and grants, Bridges To Home continues to look to duplicate the model all over Southern California and beyond.